What can I say about one of the few people to have worked with both my wife Robyn Cottrell and myself - she’s amazing. Chryssa has done great work for me when I started my South African agencies Joe Public and FoxP2 with my partners, and she also did beautiful work for me when I was ECD at Grey New York. Chryssa is a hybrid Art Director/Designer who makes everything she touches look like a million dollars. Or 11 million rands. Chryssa is also conceptual, has the most amazing temperament, works really hard and is fun to hang out with. I couldn’t recommend working with her more highly.
Noel Cottrell, Chief Creative Officer, Fitzgerald+CO, Atlanta, USA


Cut-throught dead lines and ridiculous turn around times on pitches and presentations can make even battle hardened professionals shake in their boots. Where as many in our industry opt for chemical help, I find tremendous relief in my little black book. And, more in particular, the well thumbed page featuring Chryssa's contact details. Although she's a very popular girl and her talent extremely sought after, I have mostly hit a luck with "Funny enough, I can fit you into the diary Francois, and I'd love to get involved". From here on it's plain sailing. Chryssa's wonderful people skills allow her to fit in seamlessly with everyone in our agency. Her warmth and genuine friendliness make it feel as if she's part of us, even though she might not have  been around for ages. Her passion for life and the art of communication puts her at the top of the creative industry. Chryssa is both strategically strong and conceptually fresh. And her commitment to detail and the way she treats every opportunity as her soul responsibility, is certainly unique amongst free-lancers.

Our hit rate with clients on work she's been involved with is 100%. And I don't wake up afterwards with a headache… or a hangover. 

Francois de Villiers, Creative Director, Haas


It's rare in life to meet a mind that can be both creative and logical. When that person is also a pleasure to work with and has a terrific sense of fun, you do your best to work with them as often as you can. Thanks for all the great times doing great work, Chryssatjie.

Ciara Louw, Freelance Copy writer and Strategist


Chryssa and I have never met. Not sure we have ever even chatted over the phone! However, with not much more guidance than very vague emailed briefs this talented lady created fantastic logos and the brand collateral to give my online stores Lord Kink and Lady Kink their own identity.

Jaqui Deeks, owner of Lady and Lord Kink


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